Faux Museum frames made of mat board serendipitously doubles as earthquake proof frames!   Not by intention.  Light by nature, glass free, and made of durable heavy cardstock, they happen to be a perfect safety solution for over beds, kid’s rooms and hallways.  They’re beautiful too. 

I live in Southern California and we just had a super 7.2 rolling quake on Easter afternoon.  The baby grand piano and three chandeliers vigorously swayed.  Those darn quakes catch you by surprise every time.  Almost a year ago we had a jolt in the 5 to 6 range that sent my hard frames flying off the walls rendering glass everywhere, but especially down the hall where we needed to exit. 

The weather is beautiful but the quakes do keep us a little on edge.  Truth told our building codes are such that damage is mostly cosmetic and the pain is really anticipating the bill to clean and replace. 

Put two 8.5×11 frames over beds, or three 5×7, or one or two 16×20 poster and watch the room come alive.  Try Faux Museum(R) frames over the beds, on a blank wall, spare rooms.  Pull out the stack of post cards, posters, old photos.  The tromp l’oeil is so exquisite we are welcomed into the J. Paul Getty Museum Store, North Carolina Museum of Art, Baltimore Museum of Art, Santa Barbara Museum of Art and growing.


Suzette Mehler

Frame Designer, Creator


Monday, Jan 4 2010 

For the Haute Décor Scene  The perfect fusion of splendor, functionality and affordability, Faux Museum frames made of mat board are the perfect makeover product to meet today’s budgets.  They’re shipped flat and assembly is quick and simple.  Framing Today’s Style of Living Faux Museum combines all the enchantment of ornamental gold-leaf frames with the convenience of lightweight art board construction. Do-it-yourself decorators will be excited to find the style they’ve always admired when traveling or visiting museums.  They’ll be even more excited to discover that our frames make redecorating far less expensive than they imagined.

 With a wide range of uses, Faux Museum frames are as functional as they are affordable. Home décor is only the beginning. Our frames add the perfect finishing touch to wedding signs, classroom displays, business presentations and so much more.

Florentine Thursday, Aug 27 2009 

Leave it to the Italians to articulate adornment to the fullest. The heir of High-Renaissance opulence, our Florentine Pop-Up Art Frame is our Italian-style Baroque model. It’s the most theatrical of our frames due to its deep relief and sculptural character.

Meet Avery Thursday, Aug 27 2009 

Hi! My name is Avery, the museum’s new spokesperson, and like most of you, we at Faux Museum, Inc. also have that unexplained attraction to the quintessential gold frame. You know, the kind of frame with delicious deep dimensions and decadent embellishments that empower images, giving even postage-stamp art great importance. Through the suggestive power of ornate adornments, these frames recalls Renaissance masters create a dramatic atmosphere that’s worth writing home about.

I know what compells us to these monumental works of art. Experiencing a new world through travel opens our eyes to luxurious European decorative arts and beautiful works of art in museums, villas and even hotel lobbies. The vision of a gold frame becomes a larger symbol for wordly, cultured affairs, Imbued with transformative powers, they transport us back to romantic memories and in beautiful spaces, perhaps to a simpler time. Perhaps they indulge our fantasies to live as nobility or royalty in Renaissance courts. The gold frame allows our domicile to become the storybook of our dreams.

Rustica Wednesday, Aug 26 2009 

Rustica is based on Spanish frames of the 18th Century. Its style is more subdued than the Parisienne or the Venetian, but it is equally as glamorous. For a strictly modern home, this frame is adds charm and interest to a space without immediate antique associations.

Introduction to tromp l’oeil Wednesday, Aug 26 2009 

Because Trompe l’oeil murals still exist all over the world, they are showcased everyday, but while most appreciate their illusion as novelty, they do not recognize the history behind this spectacular art form. Here’s the skinny. Trompe l’oeil can be dated back to 400 BC from a Greek story by Pliny the Elder recounting the battle of competing artists, Zeuxis and Parrhasius. From there, the Romans in the volcano-preserved civilization of Pompeii c. 79 AD exhibited tromp l’oeil artwork where the illusionist architectural framework in the House of Vettii is most relevant. In The Tromp l’oeil in History, University of Trento professsor Luigi Belloni outlines a brief history from the ancient to the 20th century uses in opera staging. Fooling the Eye: Trompe l’oeil at the Springfield Museum offers another review of the subject that sticks strictly to painting art history and the revival of naturalism in the Renaissance.

Like punk rock, trompe l’oeil is not dead. It has such a strong following that Lodi, Italy holds an annual Trompe l’oeil Festival in its celebration. As to be expected, tromp l’oeil’s existence is most vivacious in the museum world; the National Gallery of Art in Washington had an excellent exhibition in 2002 and 2003 on the topic called Deceptions and Illustions: Five Centuries of Trompe l’oeil Painting. If we wanted to make the schlep, the Museum of Tromp-l’oeil in Dordogne, France proudly displays artful optical illusions in their full European grandeur.

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Parisienne Wednesday, Aug 26 2009 

Faux Museum presents our version of timeless French embellishment with the Parisienne Pop-Up Art Frame. This frame mimics dramatic golden frames of Louis XVI’s Palace of Versailles  in high definition, photo-real trompe-l’œil (lit. trickery of the eye).  Why not cultivate the image of extravagance if you can’t afford the reality?  Based on Rococco decorative arts, this frame is the epitome of flounce, and flaunting frill was never so satisfying.

Meet Faux Museum Tuesday, Aug 11 2009 

Meet the new face of fun nostalgic home decor, Faux Museum, makers of the innovative Pop-Up-Art Frames. The Pop-Up Art Frame mimics historic gilded frames of old but maintains a modern sensibility.  Our specially designed cardstock materials start flat and pop up to create a deep, broad structure that’s attractive and convincing. We use photo-real, high definition tromp l’oeil (lit. “trickery of the eye “) based on extravagant Renaissance motifs, and up close, it fits right in with its museum-exhibited counterparts. This safe, afforable, eco-friendly design is truly the first of its kind.

Here are a few reasons why to choose Pop-Up Art Frames:

Constructing the quintessential gold frame complete with gleaming contours was never this easy.

The Pop-Up Art Frame lets you frame your art, photos and keepsakes like the Renaissance masters.

It’s a godsend for artists, designers, and decorators seeking nostalgia with a kitschy conceptual twist.

Sophisticated décor suitable for everyday use is universally appealing.

Add depth and electicism to your home by paying witty homage to the past.

Activate your imagination with a new aesthetic experience. Revive a children-like curiosity with fanciful design without the safety hazards of heavy gold frames.